For Corporations

What Can Philanthropic Partnerships do for Corporations?

  • Help reduce risk and increase the impact of the corporation’s giving by:
    • Assisting with philanthropic plans and or reviews of giving programs
    • Providing expert analysis of charities to ensure the right charity matches the corporation’s unique philanthropic goals
    • Providing an opportunity for the corporation to engage more directly with the charities of choice
    • Providing accountability for the expenditure of the corporation’s gifts to ensure the funds are spent as intended
    • Evaluating the impact of the corporation gifts annually
    • Providing administrative assistance for philanthropic services customized to the level of service required
    • Providing independent third party philanthropic services for the corporation
    • Bringing solid knowledge in philanthropic giving to corporations with over 25 years expertise in government working with charitable organizations and over 5 years working with donors, private foundations and charities