Donor Commitments- Make Sure they are Clear!

Posted by 14 Apr, 2015

The recent Globe and Mail article on some donor unpaid pledges at the Royal Ontario Museum has sparked a lot of discussion in the philanthropic community:

From a donor’s perspective ┬áit is always good to be clear on how you will fulfill your commitments. Of course you will have had discussions with the organization and may have sent a few emails back and forth but when all has been determined in relation to your gift, the best thing for you to do is:

Put it in writing!

A simple letter will do or a fully executed formal agreement if you so choose but make sure you have clearly advised the organization:

  • The purpose of your gift
  • How much you are giving
  • When and how you will pay
  • Any expectations you may have in relation to reports or recognition
  • What to do in the event of changes to the project or fulfilling your commitments

A few simple steps to ensure all parties are aware of your gift, your intentions and expectations is helpful for both you and the organizations you support. Need some help with your giving? Contact us at

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