Does Your Philanthropy Give You Joy?

Posted by 1 Dec, 2014

Well, it should!
Too often lately I have had discussions with donors who are not exactly filled with joy about a donation they have given.
What should you do if you are not happy with the result of your gift?
3 quick tips:
1. Ask for an update report. It may just be that the charity has not had a chance to keep you up to date. A quick email update on the status of how your funds are being used can often help.

2. Talk to them! Go and visit or invite the charity to a meeting and ask them how things are going. Let them know how you are feeling and what you had expected. In most cases the charity will quickly fix the issue.

3. Have clear expectations.  It may seem natural for you to expect the charity to report back, to tell you how your funds are making a difference or to provide you with appropriate recognition. However, sometimes charities are not always clear on your expectations. It is best to put these expectations in writing so all parties are clear on  the purpose of the gift, what you hope it will achieve and how the funds  are to be expended.

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