Go For the Gold- In Your Philanthropic Giving

Posted by 2 Aug, 2012

As I was glued to my television set watching the latest Olympic coverage,  it occurred to me that giving at its highest level could be compared to striving for an Olympic medal.
As athletes prepare and train for the performance of a lifetime, so too donors should prepare themselves for their philanthropic giving. Here are a few tips to help you soar to new philanthropic heights:

Plan your Giving   Identify your interests and passions for your philanthropy.  It is always better to support initiatives that you have a connection with whether it is helping cure cancer, feed hungry children or support a theatre company.
Research Your Charities: Make sure you know the organizations you are investing in- because that is what this is- an investment of your own money to help an organization achieve its charitable mission. You want to make sure the charities you support match your own philanthropic goals and that they are well run and produce results.
Be Clear with Your Gift Intent: If you wish to support a particular program or initiative of the charity, be sure to let them know that is what your gift is for.  It is always best to put your intention in writing, even if it is a simple letter than accompanies your cheque. That way, all parties will be clear of your intentions.
Know the Impact: Did your gift make a difference? How do you know? Call or visit the organization or if the level of support warrants, ask them for a brief summary report on what difference your gift has made. You have a right to know how your funds were spent and what impact they have made.
Like a fine tuned athlete, philanthropic giving takes lots of practice.  Keep working on these steps to ensure your philanthropic giving reaches Olympic proportions.
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