Social Finance

Posted by 30 Oct, 2011

Have you heard about this?

It is also known as social impact investing or mission related investing or social innovation.  Basically, instead of investing your capital into the usual markets, you make an investment, not a grant or a gift, but a real investment in a company that is doing good.  Now isn’t that a great idea- you can take some of your investment funds, and put them to work helping social entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

A “social” entrepreneur is one whose business is focused on addressing a social or environmental issue.  The end result of the business does some social good.  Not only do you hopefully reap a positive economic return, but you will also be contributing to improving social and environmental issues as well.  This is great for donors and charitable foundations as they can put their investment funds to work – doing good – while still keeping their capital invested.  Some social finance investors have indicated that they have received greater returns on these investments than traditional investment markets- even better!  Want to learn more? Visit: or contact us at:

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