A Philanthropic Plan

Posted by 7 Jan, 2011

A great way to get your philanthropy in shape!

Do you have one?

Do you need one?

Well, if you are like the majority of people, you may have spent an enormous amount of time making decisions about some last minute giving before the close of 2010.  A philanthropic plan can help you determine your philanthropy over the long term, help you identify key areas of giving,what impacts you would like to see as a result of your giving and help you schedule your giving when it is most appropriate for you, instead of the usual panic at year end.

A philanthropic plan allows you to set goals and objectives for your philanthropic gifts, identify key charities you wish to work with and helps you track the impact of your giving. A philanthropic plan helps others understand your priorities and allows you to say yes or no with confidence to charities who may be seeking your help.

Why not get your philanthropy in shape by developing a philanthropic plan that can guide you throughout the year and keep your philanthropic goals on track.

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